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'DA-TalentScout' group

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 2, 2010, 10:28 AM

"DA-TalentScout" group



1. Look for unknown, but truly talented artists and photographers, give a wide range of people, who appreciate and collect art in DA, the opportunity to get to know new artists. Support and encourage talented people in different way, help them (monthly and weekly) by means of DeviantArt subscriptions and dev points.

2. Establish the group of like-minded people – SCOUTS – who do want to find and discover new talents here and will watch and in every way support them afterwards.
Community’s Administrators will stimulate in their turn the interest of Scouts giving them different bonuses!

:#1:3. Weekly: promote 3 artworks in “Photo”, “Digital Art” and “Traditional Art” categories, we say “art-discoveries” of the week with prizes (3month sub).

:#1:4. Monthly: promote 3 art-discoveries of the month in “Photo”, “Digital Art” and “Traditional Art” categories with prizes (3month sub and 500 points).

:#1:5. Scouts, whose suggestions were approved and accepted for addition into “DA-TalentScout” folder, receive 10 dev points.(not for personal work)

:#1:6. Scouts, whose suggestions were introduced as discovery of the week, receive 50 dev points.

:#1:7. Scouts, whose suggestions were introduced as discovery of the month receive 100 dev points.

:#1:8. Yearly: On our community’s birthday we select and reward 3 the most active Scouts and 3 the best Artists among those discovered during a year.

Important: you can always write a note to Founder of the Community, especially when you want to pay attention of Community’s Administrators on a talented extraordinary artist!

ALL INFORMATION HERE :iconda-talentscout:


Tribute to Lilok by MaRoC68 Friends of Svet-Svet by MaRoC68
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My first DD

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 5, 2010, 1:33 PM


My first DD

:iconcheerplz: Dragon Turtle by MaRoC68:iconcheerplz:
:omg::wow::faint: I cannot believe, after over 3 years on DeviantArt, I received my first DD and seems that it was suggested by at least 6 people. I want to thank all friends and watchers who wrote wonderful comments and put faves, everyone who suggested this DD, VSConcepts for featured it and lilok-lilok:heart: for enormous help and inspiration!


Tribute to Lilok by MaRoC68 Friends of Svet-Svet by MaRoC68
San Valentino Gift by MaRoC68 I Love Peace by MaRoC68

My First Win On DA

Journal Entry: Mon May 24, 2010, 10:48 AM


My first win on DA

("Spring" Contest by :iconall-media:)

:trophy: 1st place :trophy:
From Our Fantasy
From Our Fantasy by MaRoC68

Yes, for the first time I won a contest on deviantART. I want say that without the help of lilok :iconlilok-lilok:, I would never win, because she is a true artist, but said this, I hoped, at least by looking the number of faves that this wallpaper took from some watchers and especially so many not watchers (it is my record). I must still say that I am very proud of this victory, because even the second and third classified are extraordinary works and I express admiration for them, because they have a high artistic value!

:trophy: 2nd place :trophy:
Days Of Wonder
Days Of Wonder by JustinDeRosa

:trophy: 3nd place :trophy:
Magic Farina
Magic Farina by Twins72

I want to thank all the organizers, the people who have donated the premiums and all those who voted my work!
A heartfelt thanks to all of you!!!

P. S. Inter (F.C. Internazionale Milano) won the Champions League of Europe to football (soccer), I am in ecstasy!!!

Inter Milan Stamp by ZeKRoBzS


:headbang::headbang::headbang:… :headbang::headbang::headbang:

lilok-lilok :iconlilok-lilok: :heart: FEATURES

Princess Wencheng by lilok-lilok:heart:Young Garuda by lilok-lilok
Sweet Feeling by lilok-lilok:heart:Coccinella pensierosa by lilok-lilok


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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 16, 2009, 7:26 AM


You forgive me if these days i am very little present in DA, but in less than a month, my life has changed very much. Unfortunately it happened that at my mother was diagnosed a tumour of the colon, the problem is not sounded impossible to solve, but after that she has undergone 2 surgery, the doctors say that there has been a very rare case and her intestine is not recovering as it should. I am very stressed, angry and regretful, she is only 67 years old and i was not expecting to lose she in so short time. I have only to hope for a miracle!

I apologise for my bad English

lilok-lilok :iconlilok-lilok: :heart: FEATURES

Sweet Feeling by lilok-lilok :heart: Young Garuda by lilok-lilok
The fleeting moment by lilok-lilok :heart: Coccinella pensierosa by lilok-lilok
Dream of Phoenix. Detail. by lilok-lilok
Riding on the waves by lilok-lilok :heart: Waiting For Spring by lilok-lilok
Lady of the Lake by lilok-lilok
Kitsune by lilok-lilok :heart: Happiness by lilok-lilok
Bird of happiness by lilok-lilok


Tribute to Lilok by MaRoC68 Friends of Svet-Svet by MaRoC68
San Valentino Gift by MaRoC68 I Love Peace by MaRoC68

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In the last months the number of my watcher increased significantly and say thank to all, for me is very hard, for that reason i would thank all those who support me and apologise with those who i will not respond, but if  i spend many hours to answer, i cannot create new work.

Thank you to all
Grazie a voi tutti

sorry for my bad English ;p
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I have been tagged by :iconvaldemaras:, :iconclarissafiller:, :iconevilpj: & :iconbotolinus:
I let a few tags sum up, so this is good for all ;p

Here are the rules:
|1|.Post these rules
|2|.Each tagged person must post 8 things about their selves on their journal.
|3|.At the end you have to choose 8 people to tag, and post their icons on the same journal.
|4|.Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them.
|5|.NO tag-backs.

Now what to say about me:
1. I have 2 daughters ages 15 and 9
2. I smoke 15 to 30 fags a day, depending on my mood and on temperature (i smoke less in the summer)
3. I am a farmer, producing olives for extra virgin olive oil, and grapes for red wine
4, I often dream of flying, or of going back to school
5. I was a great math student, and still pretty good: in fact i give lessons to my daughters and my nephews
6. I am very patient, but act by instinct at times
7. I am a sports fan: Alpine Ski, Formula 1, Moto GP, America's Cup (sailing) etc. but particularly football (or soccer for americans), and am a fan of Inter Milan
8. I love the sea and am a pretty good swimmer, tho i feel a little heavier now

Now i tag:   :iconerene:,  :iconjackiew:,  :icontizette-creations:,  :iconhbkerr:,  :iconcharcoaledsoul:,  :iconwhitebook:,  :iconlilok-lilok: &  :iconxgnyc:

Please, you do not hate me :laughing:
Buon Natale a tutti gli amici di DeviantArt!!! :hug:

Per gli amanti di Apophysis, nuova release:…
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I would like to apologise to you all friends and watchers of deviantART if these days I have been discourteous with some of you, or if I have not replied to all the comments, but I have had a strange Headache that has plagued me for about ten days and has not allowed me to stand in front the PC for more than 2 hours a day. Today, finally seems that I feel better, of course now I do not want immediately exaggerate, but gradually I hope to return to do what I was doing before and above all try to end this visual style (Mediterraneo 5), it has been outstanding for too long.

Thank you to all!   :hug:
Con la nuova versione di DeviantArt, sta accadendo qualcosa di strano, molti commenti e repliche, non mi vengono comunicate. Io chiedo scusa a tutti se non risponderò, ma questa situazione non dipende dal sottoscritto! :(

With the new version of deviantART, is happening something strange, many comments and answers, they are not communicated. I ask excuse at all if I will not respond, but this situation does not depend on myself! :|
After a period of difficulty psycho-physical (especially physical), I came back. I am really moved to note that i have enough friends and I thank you for the support and encouragement.

Thank you
:iconu-woman::rose::hug: :iconyenkoff::hug:  
:iconjohnnybg::hug: :iconvaldemaras::hug:  
:icongypsyh::rose::hug: :iconphoenix75::rose::hug:  
:iconnorif::rose::hug: :iconlarabln::rose::hug:  
:iconpeluzita123::rose::hug: :iconbrigitte-fredensborg::rose::hug:
:iconmyrthilla::rose::hug: :iconmoofied1::rose::hug:  
:iconsunny-77::rose::hug: :icongolubaja::rose::hug:  

A Special Thanks for a Special Friend who Helped me very much in my difficult moments , Thanks Kabu
I would like to thank all the friends and the fantastic people who make up the Community of DeviantArt and I ask excuse To all of you if I will not respond more to a comment or not thank the users who appreciate my work, but I have personal problems and for the moment I will not use the PC!
I hope to come back soon.

Many thanks and you excuse also for my horrible English lang!!
Nel giorno in cui ho rilasciato Cobalt VS, mi sono accorto che Mediterraneo 3.2 ha superato i 20000 download, questa è una grandissima sorpresa che mi rende davvero orgoglioso. Voglio ringraziare tutti i miei amici e i sostenitori che apprezzano il mio lavoro e mi danno la volontà per andare avanti e cercare di migliorare sempre di più.

In the day in which I issued cobalt VS, I noticed that Mediterranean 3.2… exceeded the 20000 downloads, this is a great surprise that makes me really proud of it. I want to thank all my friends and supporters who appreciate my work and give me the will to go ahead and try to improve more and more.